About Us

If you have had a computer for any amount of time you experience computer slowdown. The big problem is how do you know what is the cause. That is where Code PC Solutions come to the rescue. We have experienced technicians who diagnose your computer, clearly communicate the appropriate fix and proceed to do the most cost effective solution.

​Technicians can remotely access your computer or at times provide an onsite repair. Whatever is the best solution for your needs.

​The next step is simple


Codey Watson has been A+ certified and operated a brick and mortar location where three consecutive years was an award winning service recipient.

​Code PC Solutions is dedicated to serving customers with top notch service whether by remote or on location.

​Innovative service agreements tailored to meet YOUR need is one of our specialties.

Customer Statement

As the owner of Code PC Solutions one of my core beliefs is that each customer should be treated with respect and treated as I would want to be treated. Simply put, I want every customer to feel like they are listened to and are treated fairly with respect.

​At any time you feel you are not being heard or you are not being understood just let me know and I will find the proper solution for YOU.